Cut your hair. That is first and foremost, and one of the most important steps.

Wake up six hours after your partner leaves for work. Pretend your deadline did not keep you up last night. Look, there’s your cat. Pet his head, touch his nose.

He missed you when you were sleeping.

You do not have to drink coffee. Many artists choke down coffee for the aesthetic. You can drink tea. Water, vodka, bourbon, juice, chocolate milk. Paint water.

It was once believed that Van Gogh drank paint to cheer himself up. …

It has been almost eight years since the last EF5 tornado struck the United States. The unlucky plot of land happened to be in Moore, Oklahoma. Funny enough, Moore had already experienced what some storm experts believe to be the most powerful tornado about 14 years prior.

In 1999, Oklahoma endured a tornado that would tear through Moore and Bridge Creek at record-shattering speeds. At one point, the twister reached 318 mph.

In the 1999 outbreak that produced this tornado, the first tornado emergency was declared. For many years after the Bridge Creek-Moore tornado, the storm was believed to be…

The Changing of the World is Great, Fascinating, Exhausting, and Terrifying.

There is beauty in change.

When a mother grows her baby, they both become tired.

Change is exhausting.

I spent the first twenty years of my life wondering about days like these. I would daydream them, think of these kinds of days all the time. I’d think to myself, “that would be so crazy, wouldn’t it? If there was a worldwide condition that was out of our control?”

I don’t know why I thought such things were fun to dream about. I think it was the idea of surrealism.

And I swallowed a lot of it.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

In early April of this fateful year, I completely rearranged my life. I left a job I had been working at for nearly two years, I moved back to my hometown, and I decided to start a new career. Or rather, to start a career in general.

As a 21-year-old college drop out, I had only worked in fast-food related jobs. From the age of eight, however, I had wanted to be a writer.

I wrote novel-length stories that I would show to my family. I wrote poetry and short stories that I…

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  1. (in some Christian beliefs) the supposed abode of the souls of unbaptized infants, and of the just who died before Christ’s coming.
  2. an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.

We are all here, aren’t we?

The world will collapse and we will be reborn. Such is life. I believe that life is composed of repeated concepts with new characters. Life is a bored child with limited memory. This child only knows how to play the game, “they are born, they fight all their lives, and they die.” Such is life’s little game…

Mecklenburg, Germany Tornado

On June 29th, 1764, an intense tornado ripped through Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

By pure luck and chance, there was one fatality, despite the evidently violent nature of the twister. The lack of fatalities was because the majority of the population was not at work on that fateful day, but were attending a day of penance and prayer.

Below we can see the majority of the damage path, showing that the most destructive action was taking place at and around the Lichtenberg Dairy Farm. One can presume that had the tornado occurred on any other day, the death total would have skyrocketed.

source: The Weather Channel

Before we can talk about the first EF5 tornado, we have to first understand the different ways to measure a tornado’s strength. Last article we talked about the Enhanced Fujita scale. Technically speaking, this scale is actually a revision of a previous scale. The scale in question is simply called the Fujita scale.

Founded in 1971, and ending in 2007, the Fujita scale was first implemented by Theodore Fujita. While this scale was largely known and accepted, it had never actually been scientifically proven in regards to the accuracy of the correlations between wind speeds and the subsequent damage.


Downhill, downhill little bird
Your life is sloping downward
You stand in a minefield all alone
And the dust will never settle.

Careful, careful little bird
And keep your wits about…

Weather is a constant and mysterious phenomenon. Depending on where we are located, the weather is a steady stream of reliable rain, sun, and snow, or it is an ever-changing assault of meteorological events. Regardless of how we experience weather, we know of the powers it can possess. And the finest example of nature’s power is arguably harnessed within the infamous weather phenomenon; tornadoes.

What is a Tornado?

When we think of the common tornado, often The Wizard of Oz comes into mind. Movies like Twister depict, well, exactly that. A twister. But the truth is that tornadoes can come in many sizes and…

What beauty, what grace
Lies in the unsaved?

A bitter kind, a sour kind;
The fruit that is eaten when un-ripe.

Unripe belongs to the too-ripe,
A desperate attempt at cancellation…

Evie Meyer

Diary of a girl with a constant headache.

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