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Adalheid(Star Children Series)

After Sera faded away, I left my hometown with my mother and younger brother. I got my first job at a Mexican restaurant. It was a beautiful establishment, a business open for almost fifty years. I was fifteen years old and washed the dishes. Adalheid was nineteen and a prep cook. He did not speak very often, and frequently had a coy smile on his lips. I knew he was listening to everything everyone said. He was thin but his face was round, like a little boy. And his skin had a gold hue to it; glimmering, sparkling almost. As if he were made of gold himself. And in the early mornings-when the sun would start to rise through the windows-the light would hit his face and he glowed. Something deep within him illuminated silently every summer morning. Everything about these moments were simultaneously intense, and serene. Every day he was there from five in the morning until three in the afternoon. Every day he rose with the sun.

Until one day he didn't.

Diary of a girl with a constant headache.

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