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Mother(Star Children Series)

When I was sixteen, I told my mother about Sera and Adalheid. We sat in the porch. I cannot remember if the sun was rising or setting, only that there was a dreamy pink hue that fell in through the windows.
I also cannot remember what had prompted me to tell her about them. They had both been gone for at least a year, but I still could not shake the feeling they had left on me. So I tell her about them, and about how they both faded. And how when they faded, their eyes turned a bright white before their bodies softened into darkness.
"It is hard to explain," I said to her. "They disappeared, but slowly. Yet there was nothing I could do to stop it. It was like their souls were flickering out, and by the time I could reach them, they were gone. Their bodies still remained but when I touched them I knew they were gone. Something had gone missing inside of them."
My mother smiled and told me that sometimes, when people died, they turned into stars. And that all of the stars we see at night are people who once existed.
"Do they ever come back?" I had asked. Mother smiled at me, a kind of sad smile that didn't reach her eyes. "Well," she sighed, getting up from her chair. "I have never heard of a star dying and turning into a person."
At the fall of my face, she brushed my hair reassuringly. "But I suppose nothing is impossible, is it? Now come inside with me, we should eat."

Diary of a girl with a constant headache.

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