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Sera(Star Children Series)

I once knew a girl who spoke to God. She never told me what He told her, only that His voice comforted her. I can only imagine what He whispered to her at night. As children, when we would have our sleepovers, she would lie in bed well into the night and whisper with Him. It never made sense to me, and it gave me a great deal of anxiety hearing only one side of a holy conversation. But she claimed it comforted her, so I let her be.

I remember a time when He did not speak to her as often; time moved slowly then. The sun shined brighter through her. Everything about her exuded light, from her hair, to her laugh, to her freckles. Now she wilts a bit. How do you tell someone they are fading? I am sure she already knows.

Diary of a girl with a constant headache.

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